How it works

  • Multiple placements allow for more diverse experiences
  • We work with many trades in the construction industry
  • We are here to help you achieve your qualification
  • Consistency and continuity for apprentices over your apprenticeship
  • Supported, governed and funded by the CITB


Evolve Shared Apprentice Scheme

 How it works

Contractors and sub-contractors inform Evolve of apprenticeship vacancies, upcoming opportunities or of obligations to take on apprentices. Although many college courses start in September, there is sometimes flexibility to start an apprentice throughout the year.

Evolve may put forward our existing apprentices for vacancies or recruit new candidates. This can depend on the length of the placement. New apprentices are interviewed by Evolve and put forward for interview with the Host contractor. Evolve ensures new apprentices have their CSCS card and safety boots.

Evolve will require details from the Host contractors or sub-contractors, including the trades requested, expected duration of the placement, and site information. Hosts are responsible for daily safety & supervision, training, and approving timesheets. Evolve takes care of paying apprentices and supports the Host with behaviour management (e.g. attendance and timekeeping issues, and mentoring).

Being an Evolve Apprentice

 Gain experience and a qualification at the same time.

Evolve will employ you for the full period of your apprenticeship – it will take about two years to complete. You learn the theory of your apprenticeship at college while gaining practical experience working on a site.
You will attend a CITB registered college either:

  • One routine day every week, OR
  • On scheduled two-week block releases

You will be provided with a safe and healthy site, with a company working in the industry, where you will gain your site experience. This Host company will provide your training and learning opportunities. You will be a part of their team on site.

Throughout your apprenticeship, you may work with more than one Host and/or on more than one site. You must be willing to travel around London to go to work.

Becoming an Evolve Apprentice

It’s a simple 5 step process:

  • Apply here on the site
  • Come in for an interview
  • Interview with the contractor
  • Evolve will help you get your CSCS card and safety equipment
  • You will attend an employment induction process.

That’s it, you’ll be good to go!

Things to know

Read our FAQs:

  • Which college will I attend?
  • Will I need to travel?
  • What will I be paid?


About Evolve

Evolve is a not for profit organisation, registered as a social enterprise, that manages the CITB Shared Apprenticeship Scheme in London and it has responded to industry demand.

The Evolve team has experience across the sector including education, employment, and working with young people.

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Registered Office:

1 Waterside Station Road,

London Office:

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206 Whitechapel Road,
London. E1 1AA

T : 020 3744 0200