Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in an apprenticeship in the construction industry or you are a company considering being a host? We can answer some of the questions you may have here.


Evolve Shared Apprentice Scheme FAQs

Questions about Apprenticeships

Which college will I attend?
A CITB registered college; the specific college will depend on the type of apprenticeship, where you live, and your start date.
Will I need to travel?

Yes, you will be expected to travel to work. However, we will do our best to find sites that are close to your area, and you will not be expected to work outside of London.

What will I be paid?

Evolve Apprentices are paid the National Minimum Wage as a minimum (not the Apprenticeship Minimum Wage). The amount you are paid can vary depending on the Host contractor that you are placed with.

Questions for Host Businesses

Can I employ the apprentice directly?

Yes. Fees apply to cover recruitment costs.

Profit or surplus?

Evolve is a not-for-profit social enterprise, meaning any ‘profits’ are returned to the business.

What are apprentices paid?

Evolve’s apprentices are paid the National Minimum Wage (see charge-our rates table below), which is more than the Apprentice Minimum Wage in the first year of an apprenticeship.

Evolve applies a standard charge to an hourly apprentice pay rate and includes a weekly charge to cover college fees. The applicable charge-out rates for the different national minimum wage brackets has been shown, but it can be adjusted where Hosts wish to pay apprentices at a higher rate than NMW. Evolve can facilitate the reimbursement of other expenses that Hosts wish to pay apprentices (e.g. travel costs).

Please note that rates may change from time to time, please check here for the current up to date rates:

About Evolve

Evolve is a not for profit organisation, registered as a social enterprise, that manages the CITB Shared Apprenticeship Scheme in London, Birmingham and the West Midlands and it has responded to industry demand.

The Evolve team has experience across the sector including education, employment, and working with young people.

In collaboration with:

Constructing Excellence Midlands
Constructing Excellence Midlands
Constructing Excellence Midlands
Constructing Excellence Midlands

Registered Office:

1 Waterside Station Road,

London Office:

By appointment only

WeWork, 30 Churchill Place
London E14 5RE

T: 020 3744 0200