Flexi-Job Apprenticeships

Evolve manages the Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agency across across London and the West Midlands.

Flexi-Job Apprenticeships

Flexi-Job Apprenticeships have been designed to ensure that those sectors and occupations where short-term contracts or other non-standard employment models are the norms can access the benefits of apprenticeships.

How it works:

  • Our service is simple, flexible and easy to access – Evolve UK employs the apprentice directly for the duration of their apprenticeship and arranges placements for the apprentice with host businesses
  • Our apprentices are employed on a full-time basis for the entire period of their apprenticeship (paid on a timesheet basis and are entitled to holiday pay)
  • If they are displaced (awaiting a placement), Evolve continues to pay their salary and Evolve’s dedicated Apprentice Managers provide wrap around pastoral support – going the extra mile for those who will benefit from it the most
  • To successfully engage and motivate our apprentices and we aim to provide placement experience on-site with a number of contractors and sub-contractors throughout the duration of their full apprenticeship.

Using a Shared Apprenticeship Scheme allows employers to take on an apprentice without a lengthy commitment to seeing an apprentice through their entire apprenticeship and allows them to try a candidate before deciding if they wish to recruit as an apprentice.

Our goal is to work collaboratively with as many partners as we can to offer employment opportunities to those particularly from under-represented groups and disadvantaged communities. We are passionate about encouraging and attracting a diverse talent pool by working with inclusive construction employers within the industry.